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Rose Water
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Advantages of rose water:

  • Rose is the king of flower not only by its floral beauty but also in its action and colors.

  • The many healing and beauty enhancement properties rose water has so its generally offers a lot of advantages to the body.

  • Rose water is a multidimensional natural gift it has many benefits within itself.

  • Usually, the rose water is utilized not just for hair treatment or stress relief and also used for skin care purpose.

  • The other known rose water advantages are the healing properties it provides in terms of relieving several mild conditions that the body may occasionally suffer

  • such as sore throat, headache, exhausted eyes, and even teeth problems like the paradontosis.


Effects on nervous system:

  • The rose water has very soothing effect on nerves, emotional and psychological state of mind.

  • It has mild sedative and anti depressant properties. It is used in giving relief to mental tensions.

  • Stress and hyper active state of nerves get soothe by just inhaling it.

  • In aromatherapy it is widely used to normalize many of mind powers.

Effects on digestive system:

  • Rose water has been widely used for therapeutically for digestive problems.

  • It  used for influencing digestion, bile secretion. Womb disorder and circulation.

  • Rose water is best astringent and tonic for blood capillaries.

  • Rose hip tea is excellent for diarrhea, in bladder infection.

  • It contain vitamin A , B3 ,C ,D, E,.and many important minerals as zinc.

  • Rose water is widely used in foods for flavor, and also in juices to increase their refreshing ability.

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Rose Water for Face - Several Skin Care Contributions:

  • Rosewater is  popular to be an extremely ideal agent for skin care. Because of the antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties made of rose water for face.

  • In fact, facial creams can be prepared simply by mixing the rose water in order to restore and maintain the skin’s PH balance, to make

  • the skin  soft, as well as to keep it protected from many forms of dermatitis.

  • Rose water for face is also great as a facial cleanser since it helps

  • reduce wrinkles and other fine lines. It also tends to have a cooling effect thereby reducing skin inflammation.

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Rosewater Toner - Other Facial Benefits:

  • This rosewater toner  helps us from relieving the sun burns and other inflammation. and its  act as a natural astringent that can cool the skin.

  • Besides, several skin problems can also be treated by keeping it from any acne or fine line manifestations.

  • The rosewater toner may  be obtained as manifested by the natural firming and hydrating of

  • the skin thereby giving one's face, an instant glow.

  • The rosewater  mixed in quite a number of face packs for optimal results, such as the sandalwood or fuller’s earth so that it can now become its effective catalyst.

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Therapeutic Benefits of Rose water:

  • The product will vary slightly in colour between these species but the therapeutic benefits are the same.

  • Rose oil and rose water are derived from the flowers and rose hips have many valuable properties.

  • In therapeutic preparations only a small amount of rose oil is needed.

  • Generally rose oil and rose water  are used Externally rather than internally;

  • Rose water is increasingly used in treatments for conditions of stress: nervous tension, peptic ulcers, heart disease, among others.

  • It is especially valuable for dry, sensitive  skins and  also rose water is  suitable for all skin types.

  • with the exception of aromatherapy.In this case the rose essence may be inhaled, via steam or diffusion.

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