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Hair Care Tips During the Summer Season . [Part - I]


-: Hair care in summer :-

  • We all know that the summer sun and the summer humidity are the main reasion  for hair  damage.

  • Sun damage to the hair can manifest as faded hair color, brittle and dry hair.

  • the sun rays in summer cause damage to the hair, so it is essential that you protect your hair from the sun rays as well .

  • Thus with the advent of summer you get hair problems like dry hair, split ends, frizzy and brittle hair.

  • All these means its time you start paying attention to your hair.

  • so you need follow the  Summer Hair Care Tips to prevent damage to your hair.

Cute Summer Half Up, Half Down Hairstyles:


Tips for summer hair care:-

  • Use sun protection filters that will protect the hair from UV-rays damage.

  • Use replenishing products in your hair it works better in summer.

  • Wearing a short hairstyle during summer you don't have worries on your hair. If you do not want to cut short your hair, remember to wear a hat, cap or scarf.

  • Use cool water instead of hot water for hair wash because heat can damage your hair.

  • Shampooing your hair everyday deprives the hair of its natural moisture. So,don't use shampoo your hair daily.

  • Try using moisturizing shampoo during summer,that's mush better on your hair

  How to use moisturizing shampoo see here:


  • Deep condition your hair after each shampoo wash.

  • Before  using Sun Hair repair mask, that will helps your  hair is exposed to the harmful effects of the sun rays for a long time.

  • Avoid using Hair Dryers or Hair Curlers on your hair. If at all using it, remember to condition your hair before you do so.

  • Use natural products instead of alcohol on your hair during summer, because it tends to dry your hair.

  • Use a protective sunscreen on your hair before go out side.

  • Intake of lots of water hydrates your system and provides natural health to your hair during summer.

  • Use leave-in hair products with SPF protection.


You want know what is spf?


  • The frizzy areas of your hair apply jojoba oil, and wrap it with plastic before going to bed.

  • Leave it in that way through out the night. Shampoo in the morning than you will get the better result in few days.

  • Instead of chemical products from the market it is worth remembering that home treatments are the best treatments for your hair.

  • Before going into the pool/ocean wet your hair; this will decrease the absorption of chlorinated/salt water into your hair.

  • Use a clarifying shampoo after swimming to wash out the chlorine/salt and any residues that may be in your hair.

  • Chlorine will severely dry out your hair if it is not washed out.

follow  the above simple tips and little attention,you can avoid summer damage to your hair and manage to keep it healthy.


-: Dandruff Treatment :-

What is Dandruff?

  •  We all are know  Dandruff is simply dead skin shedding from your head at a fast rate.

  • Almost everyone has face the problem with dandruff at some point. People with a strong degree of dandruff will experience an itchy scalp.

  • Even though dandruff is known as the drying of the scalp, it is most common in people with oily hair.

What is dandruff and what are its causes:


The following are items that may cause dandruff:

  • Hormone imbalance.

  • Excessive perspiration

  • Allergic reactions

  • Excessive stress

  • Poor hygene

  • Poor nutritioin/health

  • Lack of sleep

  • Inherited genetic trait

  • Inadequete shampooing and rinsing of the hair.

  • Tight fitting hats.

  • Excessive use of hair styling products (gel, mouse, hair dye, hair curler...)

  • Cold weather

  • Dry enviroment.

  • Excessive Heat

Dandruff Treatment At Home: Tea Tree Oil for Hair :


Dandruff Treatment:
  • Unfortunately there is no cure for dandruff once you get it you may continue to have it but there are ways that you can control and limit dandruff.

  • Poor health may be the cause of your dandruff, so be sure to get enough sleep, eat nutritiously, and avoid stress inducing activities.

  • Stronger shampoos can irritate and dry out your hair making dandruff so trying a mild shampoo is best.

  • Shampooing your hair with a regular shampoo daily or twice a day  if you have only a mild case of dandruff.

  • Picking the right shampoo for your hair is must importent by the control dandruff and also rotating shampoos periodically can be good for your hair.

  • So try out different shampoos to see which one works best for you.


How to naturally treat dandruff watch here:


  • Instead 0f your standard shampoo buy an anti-dandruff shampoo and your dandruff condition should improve  in a couple of weeks.

  • Once you have found an anti-dandruff shampoo that works for you, keep on using it.

  • Use anti-dandruff shampoo twice a day because the first time cycle will clean your scalp, the second cycle will medicate it.

  • it is advise that you have severe case of dandruff, you set up an appointment with a dermatologist.Try limiting your diet because may be causing you to have an allergic reaction and trigger dandruff to occur.

  • Aviod the use of hair coloring and hair styling  products with alcohol which dries out hair.

  • Ignore Some kind of foods that commonly cause an alergic reaction causing dandruff include nuts, choclate and shellfish.

  • When you're going to be out in the sun for a lengthy period don't forget to Wear a hat.


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