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Skin Care Tips During the Summer Season . [Part - II]

Why is it necessary to cover your body completely during the summer season?


  •  Wear full sleeved cotton clothes so your arms are protected from the sun.
  •  It is a well known fact that the sun really causes damage on our skin. When the ultra-violoet rays from the sun get in touch with our skin
  • It will cause collagen to break down at higher rate when compared to the naturally occurting chronologic aging.
  • This happens in the second layer of the skin a.k.a dermis.
As described above, sunlight damages collagen fibers and causes the accumulation of abnormal elastin.
When this elastin accumulates, enzymes called metalloproteinases are produced in larger quantities.
This process does not always work well and some of these metalloproteinases in fact do break down the collagen.
This would then result in the formation of solar scars which are disorganized collagen fibers. Wrinkles formation takes place when the skin repeats this imperfect rebuilding process.
As a follow up to the above mentioned solar effect on the skin, it can be said that the safest time to be out in the sun is the early morning.
Minimize sun exposure between 10 - 4 p.m. when the worst and greatest quantity of UV light exists.
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Now that the damages caused by the Sun rays is explained, you must cover your body completely before going out.
To avoid facial exposure to the sun, along with applying sunscreen, wear a sun hat, sun blocking lip balm and sun glasses.
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Make Up
  •    Try to use as little make up as you can.  Always remove the make up before going to bed.
  •    Use proper facewash for face and good body wash during your bath to avoid the extra dryness created by the usual soaps.
  •    Use a mild cleanser to wash your face thrice a day.
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How to polish for toes
  •    Buy a bold new polish for your toes. Toe nails can be painted a much bolder color than you would usually put on your fingernails.
  •    Pick out something that screams summer. Apply a clear base coat, two applications of color and a clear top coat to protect.
  •    Apply a clear base coat, two applications of color and a clear top coat to protect.
  •    Go barefoot or put on your flip-flops for at least a couple hours to make sure your polish won't dent.
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Bad Odour
   The worst point about summer is that it leaves us with a lot of sweat. Although sweat is okey for the skin as it opens it's pore but the excessive sweating may lead to bad odours of the body.
  •    Use an anti bacterial soap while bathing and apply some light deos or body tals afterwards.
  •    Use a Sunscreen with SPF 30 every day. You must re-apply a sunscreen every 3 hours especially after sweating, swimming or toweling off.
  •    wear cotton clothes is best for summer.
Prickly heat
  Prickly heat also arises from severe sweat. It brings along itching, infections and common burning sensations along with it. The best remedy for this problem is an ice pack that should be applied on the affected areas.  It will give you a chilly cozy feeling and will also end up the problem of prickly heat in few days.
  We all are know that the acne problems rise in the summer season. Due to dust and warmth the pimple formation increases a lot. Take some cucumber juice and wash your face with that. It is very helpful in fighting the acne problems.
  You may also try the aloe-vera gel.It leaves your skin supple and smooth.
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Dull Withered Skin
  The skin looses it's nourishment in hot summers and the liquid intakes replenish the moisture in your skin.
  So Try to eat whole fruits instead of fruit juices just double your liquid intake in summers.
Skin Tan
  The scorching heat and sunlight cause tanning to the exposed skin.
  cover your skin as much as possible this is very basic key to protect from skin tan.
  Use scarfs, caps and even cotton socks for this purpose.
  Who are suffering from sun tan they are try this  one,  bleaching  the face with lemon juice, tomato juice and potato juice for better results.
  Your stepping out in the sun Always apply sunscreen to your exposed areas, 15 minutes before.  carry umbrellas for additional sun protection.
  Moreover, before tanning you must not scrub your skin as it may lead to the burning of your skin.
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Dry Skin
   Noskin care is complete without making some efforts for having some healthy habits.
  •    You need to take some skin nourishing elements so that your skin glows from within. People who are with dry skin must drink plenty of water.
  •    Try to drink six to eight 8 glasses of water a day to keep well hydrated.
  •    Take more fruits and leafy vegetables. They will help to moisturize your skin as well as maintain your health.
  •    The well-hydrated skin is always a clear skin.
  •    Take small but frequent meals and avoid protein rich diet. Extra protein is difficult to digest in summer.
Summer make up for who are with dry skin:
Oily Skin
    If you have an oily skin, use a toner for further cleansing. Avoid cleansing milks.
    You could use coconut milk and coconut scrub to cleanse.
     Makeup for Extremely Oily Skin:

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